• The digital economy: what happens next?

    With smartphone penetration rates soaring, what can publishers do to kickstart mobile commerce for books? It's one of the questions we asked digital expert Marcello Vena, who also assessed the retail landscape, the prospects for e-readers and the Long Tail theory's application to books.

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  • Israel's book market in 2015

    Israel recently introduced a Fixed Book Price law, bringing changes for publishers and retailers. Leading publisher Racheli Edelman reveals the new climate for publishing.

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  • Ayu Utami: Do publishers still matter for authors?

    Award-winning author Ayu Utami tells us why publishing firms must evolve to remain relevant in the "industry of ideas".

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  • Russia's publishing market: threats and opportunities

    Irina Gusinskaya from Alpina Publisher explains how the economic crisis is impacting Russia's publishing market. She tells us which titles and formats are selling best, and assesses the prospects for Russia's nascent ebook sector.

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  • IPA special report: The future of book fairs

    Book fairs are publishing's vital stimulant. They help publishers, agents, distributors and retailers do business, they attract media and public attention, and provide platforms for authors and innovators. Our latest special report explores how book fairs are evolving to suit the digital age.

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  • IPA Congress: Publishing is changing, don't get left behind!

    The 30th IPA Congress in Bangkok takes place on March 24-26. Designed to educate publishers by connecting them with their peers, it brings together world-leading experts on digital publishing, copyright, licensing, educational publishing, piracy and much more. Book your place now!

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  • Charlie Hebdo and the right to publish

    South African political cartoonist Zapiro (aka Jonathan Shapiro) was the winner of the 2012 IPA Freedom to Publish Prize. In the wake of the January 7th attack on Charlie Hebdo, we spoke to him about growing threats to freedom of expression.

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