• European Copyright Directive inches towards adoption

    Things are heating up in the discussions on the EU Copyright Directive. Ahead of a recent committee vote in the European Parliament there were trucks with billboards and elected officials receiving tens of thousands of emails in 24 hours, and death threats!

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  • Make Authors Rich Again

    OkadaBooks founder Okechukwu Ofili stunned speakers and audience at the IPA Regional Seminar in Lagos by telling them they were too old. We catch up with him to hear how he got involved in publishing and what IPA can do for Nigerian publishers.

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  • IPA Vice-President testifies in Canadian Copyright Review

    In 2012 Canada changed its copyright law to include education as part of its fair-dealing exception to Copyright. The Copyright Act is now under review and the IPA and its Canadian members have testified to the negative impact of the extended exception.

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  • Publishing delegation attends WIPO Copyright Committee

    Negotiations on possible future international treaties on copyright dominated the last week of May at the meeting of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) at The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). IPA reported daily on the discussions which concluded with a surprise.

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  • IPA Regional Seminar Tackles the Challenges of African Publishing

    200 participants gathered in Lagos, Nigeria, to attend the first IPA Regional Seminar on Publishing in Africa. The seminar brought together notable publishers and others from across Africa and beyond and included 2007 Prix Voltaire recipient Trevor Ncube from Zimbabwe.

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  • IPA-WIPO publishing industry pilot survey published

    The first joint IPA-WIPO study is published today. It represents a solid starting point for future studies. We look at some of those results and other recent articles explaining the importance of gathering publishing industry statistics.


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  • IPA backs WIPO accessibility work

    IPA President, Michiel Kolman, and Vice President, Hugo Setzer, feature in the latest edition of WIPO magazine promoting the Marrakesh Treaty and the work of the Accessible Books Consortium.

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  • Gui Minhai awarded 2018 IPA Prix Voltaire

    • missing Hong Kong/Swedish publisher Gui Minhai selected for award that supports defenders of freedom to publish.
    • Award to be presented at International Publishers Congress in New Delhi on 12 February


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The International Publishers Association (IPA) is the world's largest federation of national, regional and specialist publishers' associations. Our membership comprises 76 organizations from 65 countries in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Americas. Through our members, the IPA represents thousands of individual publishers around the world who service markets containing more than 5.6 billion people. More...

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IPA Congress – New Delhi 2018

IPA Congress – New Delhi 2018

On 10-14 February 2018, hundreds of publishing stakeholders from around the world will gather in New Delhi for the 32nd International Publishers Congress.

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Turkey’s Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk was invited to Iran by one of his Iranian publishers Qoqnus to attend the Tehran International Book Fair in May. He was supposed to speak in one of the literary centres in Iran, in a night of celebration of his work. He reached Iran but both events were cancelled for reasons like the venues “not being ready” and “avoiding congestion in the book fair”. The only program he could attend was a press conference on t...
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