Alicia Wise

A founding member, of the ABC board, Alicia Wise (Senior VP for Global Strategic Networks at Elsevier), stood down at the recent board meeting where she will be replaced by IPA President, Michiel Kolman. We interviewed Alicia about her motivation, Marrakesh and the future.

ABC Award ceremony

The London Book Fair saw the announcement of the Accessible Books Consortium’s 2018 International Excellence Awards with Hachette Livre, France and Daisy Forum, India picking up the prizes.

IPA backs WIPO accessibility work

IPA President, Michiel Kolman, and Vice President, Hugo Setzer, feature in the latest edition of WIPO magazine promoting the Marrakesh Treaty and the work of the Accessible Books Consortium.

Michiel Kolman and Hugo Setzer

IPA’s President, Michiel Kolman and Vice President, Hugo Setzer feature in two short and snappy videos published by WIPO earlier this month. They promote WIPO’s Marrakesh Treaty and the work of the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC). The IPA, along with other stakeholders, sits on the board of ABC.

Accessibility in practice

Since 27 June 2013, the date of its adoption, 33 countries have signed on to the Marrakesh Treaty. One year after the Treaty was adopted, a private/public partnership led by WIPO and including the IPA was launched to work towards increasing the number of books in accessible formats worldwide. The Accessible Book Consortium (ABC) works on capacity building projects and provides a secure platform for the exchange of files but there is always a need for work to be done at the national level.

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