Title Published Date
eBook VAT – reduced rates and ongoing campaigns across Europe 04 September 2019
European Accessibility Act (EAA): a chance for publishers 10 November 2020
Finalists Announced for the 2021 Accessible Books Consortium International Excellence Award 01 September 2021
Fondazione LIA - building accessibility into the book chain 28 May 2015
Fondazione LIA membership grows 12 November 2019
French publishers working to make new releases accessible 03 October 2019
Hachette Becomes 100th Signatory of Accessible Books Charter 03 October 2019
Inspiring Words from Industry Leaders: Interview with Hugo Setzer, The International Publishers Association 30 August 2018
Intellectual Property and international cooperation: Past, present, future 10 July 2020
IPA at Frankfurt Book Fair 2021 13 October 2021
IPA at Frankfurt Book Fair Round-up 02 November 2022
IPA backs WIPO accessibility work 29 March 2018
IPA backs WIPO accessibility work 27 February 2018
IPA Presents Two Panels about Digital Publishing and Accessibility at Jakarta Festival 01 December 2020
IPA releases guide unpacking the Marrakesh Treaty for publishers 16 December 2016
IPA Supports WIPO Treaty Giving Equal Access to Visually Impaired Persons 29 April 2013
It is possible to implement accessibility considerations across any company, large or small 24 November 2021
Marrakesh 50th Signatory announced 01 March 2019
New Zealand Publishers Association hold EPUB3 workshop 05 September 2019
Nobody willing to learn and further their career should be excluded from opportunities of doing so - Kogan Page 09 March 2019

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