Title Published Date
Publishing in the USA during the COVID-19 Pandemic 16 June 2020
African Publishing during the COVID-19 Pandemic 24 June 2020
ASEAN publishing during the COVID-19 Pandemic 21 June 2020
Bodour Al Qasimi affirms potential of regional publishing sector in driving new renaissance in Arab culture 07 October 2021
Bodour Al Qasimi calls for diversity and cultural dialogue at the 37th IBBY Congress in Moscow 14 September 2021
Bodour Al Qasimi meets members of Turkish Publishers Association as part of IPA’s global meeting series 28 July 2021
Caribbean Publishing and the COVID-19 Pandemic 30 June 2020
Copyright: key to empowerment 27 April 2020
Coronavirus doesn’t stop Copyright Consultations 30 June 2020
FEP report focuses on impact of COVID-19 on European Publishers 24 July 2020
Frankfurter Buchmesse: The Impact of COVID on the Global Publishing Industry 29 October 2021
From Author to Bookshop: Coronavirus and the Publishing Chain 12 June 2020
From Response to Recovery 23 November 2020
Future of Books discussed at Seoul International Book Fair 29 October 2020
Intellectual Property and international cooperation: Past, present, future 10 July 2020
International Publishers Association President in Ivory Coast for fact-finding and solidarity visit 22 February 2021
IPA at Frankfurt Book Fair 2021 13 October 2021
IPA calls for international donations to save murdered publishers’ legacy 02 July 2020
IPA Calls on Brazilian Government to Resist VAT Changes for Books 02 September 2020
IPA in conversation with ... 25 May 2020

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