Title Published Date
IPA Continues Work Towards Access for Disabled Readers 01 March 2011
IPA Copyright Symposium Strengthens Publishers Resolve on Copyright 04 March 2010
IPA Global Fixed Book Price Report 23 May 2014
IPA Launches Third Edition of Global Survey on VAT on Books and E-Books 14 June 2012
IPA Supports WIPO Treaty Giving Equal Access to Visually Impaired Persons 29 April 2013
IPA/PWC research highlights need for non-discriminatory, consistent tax regimes for printed and e-books 06 February 2014
Joint IFLA-IPA statement deploring the OFAC regulations limiting the exchange of information materials 20 June 2004
Joint IFLA-IPA statement on freedom of expression on the Internet 26 June 2003
Joint IFLA-IPA statement on the archiving and preserving of digital information 27 June 2002
Joint IFLA-IPA statement on the role and needs of publishers and librarians in the information society 20 February 2003
Let's get every child reading well by 2025! 25 November 2014
Links 06 May 2014
Ljubljana named “World Book Capital 2010” 18 June 2008
Providing Equal Access for Readers with Disabilities 11 March 2011
Publishers and librarians enhance the debate on open access 20 May 2009
Publishers and librarians launch joint statement on Article removal from databases 06 July 2005
Publishers and librarians promote common principles on copyright in the digital environment 12 October 2001
Publishers and librarians promote freedom of expression 09 October 2002
Publishers and librarians working to a common agenda 23 August 2001
Publishers Join UN Initiative to Create a Global Library for the Blind 14 October 2011

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