Title Published Date
(Revised) joint IFLA-IPA statement on retraction or removal of journal articles from the web 26 April 2006
French publishers working to make new releases accessible 03 October 2019
IFLA/IPA Joint Statement on Orphan Works June 2007 06 July 2007
Innovation in E-book Lending: new IPA report 25 June 2014
Joint IFLA-IPA statement deploring the OFAC regulations limiting the exchange of information materials 20 June 2004
Joint IFLA-IPA statement on freedom of expression on the Internet 26 June 2003
Joint IFLA-IPA statement on the archiving and preserving of digital information 27 June 2002
Joint IFLA-IPA statement on the role and needs of publishers and librarians in the information society 20 February 2003
Library regeneration in Nairobi 16 December 2020
Mexico: Publishers welcome Supreme Court of Justice judgement on library law 06 July 2022
Publishers and librarians enhance the debate on open access 20 May 2009
Publishers and librarians launch joint statement on Article removal from databases 06 July 2005
Publishers and librarians promote common principles on copyright in the digital environment 12 October 2001
Publishers and librarians promote freedom of expression 09 October 2002
Publishers and librarians working to a common agenda 23 August 2001
VAT/GST/Sales Tax Rates: Global Survey Update 2010 01 January 2010
VAT/GST/Sales Tax Rates: Global Survey Update 2011 01 January 2011
World publishers and librarians issue joint pledge to strive for universal access to information 28 September 2016

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