Title Published Date
9th Turkish Publishing Assembly takes place online 26 June 2020
ABC International Excellence Awards Announced 30 November 2022
African Publishing Innovation Fund to Improve Access to Education, Books, and Literacy Skills for 11 Million Young Africans 10 March 2021
Alain Kouck (1946 - 2018) 30 July 2018
ASEAN Book Publishing: Markets, Policy, and Copyright 30 April 2019
Association of American Publishers urges Federal Trade Commission for more oversight of platforms 03 July 2019
Association of University Presses Program Encourages Transnational Collaboration Among Scholarly Publishers 01 March 2021
Australian Publishers' Parliamentary Book Club 03 March 2020
Bodour Al Qasimi calls for coordinated action to close gaps in access to books for children worldwide 27 June 2021
Bodour Al Qasimi meets members of the Arab and Egyptian publishing associations 18 January 2021
Bodour Al Qasimi meets members of Turkish Publishers Association as part of IPA’s global meeting series 28 July 2021
Book sector metadata – Updates to EDItX 26 July 2023
Book Tariffs – US and China but India and Nepal, too 04 September 2019
BOP Awards 03 July 2019
Bulgaria - Reduced VAT on books in Bulgaria 15 June 2020
Caribbean Publishing and the COVID-19 Pandemic 30 June 2020
CERLALC publishes mapping of Latin American publishing sector 04 June 2019
Charkin: IPA has managed to build an environment of respect between its members 30 June 2023
Copyright enforcement in focus at BBPlus 01 July 2021
Copyright: key to empowerment 27 April 2020

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