Title Published Date
IPA president Michiel Kolman: action needed on censorship and book piracy in Russia 08 September 2017
IPA president tells Bangladesh International Book Fair publishing prospers when freedom reigns 06 February 2016
IPA President Visits Cámara Colombiana del Libro 01 April 2019
IPA president: our members' collective voice now carries further than ever before 27 March 2017
IPA releases Global Book Fair Report 2017 – the most comprehensive yet 04 April 2017
IPA Secretary General part of international delegation to Senegal 27 April 2016
IPA talks to big-hitting authors Philip Pullman, Elif Shafak and Alaa Al Aswany 18 May 2016
Jessica Sänger appointed Director for European and International Affairs at Börsenverein 29 July 2016
Latin American and Caribbean publishing: the focus of new IPA deal with CERLALC 25 November 2019
Michiel Kolman to succeed Richard Charkin as IPA President 20 October 2016
New president to head world’s biggest publisher body in the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds 30 November 2016
PANZ International Conference 2018 a resounding success 31 July 2018
Publishers act amid COVID-19 pandemic 26 March 2020
Publishers Association (UK) report details diversity in publishing 31 January 2019
Publishers Circles trial off to a successful start 12 November 2019
Seven African publishing-related projects to share $170,000 from innovation fund in 2020. 29 October 2019
Sharjah International Bookfair looks at freedom to publish and educational publishing 19 December 2018
Sharjah’s Investment in Arabic Literature: 1,001 Titles by 2017 24 February 2016
Simon Master Chairman’s Award for Asoke Gosh 05 June 2018
Sri Lankan publishers make donation following bomb attack 04 June 2019

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