Title Published Date
“The piracy problem is colossal”. Ameena Saiyid, OUP’s woman in Pakistan 25 April 2014
“We are perceived as dinosaurs... relics from another era”. How to change publishing’s image problem? 31 January 2014
Ayu Utami: Do publishers still matter for authors? 26 February 2015
Bookspotting app mobilises literature 21 March 2014
Changing times in academic and educational publishing 17 January 2014
Crowdfunding: a new financing model for publishing 25 June 2014
Did you say ‘Video or animation will never play on the internet’? 29 September 2015
From Book to Film – copyright as a creative and economic enabler 30 July 2018
German publishers launch ambitious scheme to give EU innovators a head start 08 July 2016
Insight: South-East Asia's publishing sector 17 January 2014
Jeddah knight: science-fiction publishing, Saudi style 12 December 2013
New IPA market report: Southeast Asia 14 October 2014
Not all subscription services are created equal 20 March 2015
Publishers take the floor at WIPO Conference on the Global Digital Content Market 27 April 2016
Publishers wake up to the possibilities of YouTube 18 December 2014
Research4Life: boosting access to research in developing countries 26 January 2015
The cultural and educational ideals behind Bologna Children's Book Fair 29 January 2016
The digital economy: what happens next? 27 February 2015
The Transformation of the E-Book Market 19 August 2013
Trends and innovation 15 April 2014

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