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FEP has recently concluded an important stock-taking exercise based on information shared by their members which paints a picture of how the COVID-19 csis has affected the European book market. IPA has been following the regional developments and the studies and surveys conducted by our members on this matter closely. 

The 15-page digital brochure entitled “Consequences of the COVID-19 crisis on the book market” gives an overview and summarises the findings across the European publishing sector. The chilling effect of lockdowns in various European countries had lead to sales in bookstores dropping anywhere between 75 % and 95 %. The report also traces the impact closures had on the overall turnover of publishers as well the effect this had on new publications and cultural diversity. It describes the role libraries play in this time and the surge of e-loans in this domain. At the same time, it also shows the innovative efforts many booksellers and publishers have made to tackle the crisis facing them, from shifts to online sales to skateboard deliveries. With many countries now easing out of lockdown, the effort undertaken by FEP to take stock on bookshops reopening and uncertainties on mid-term prospects is crucial.  

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