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On May 7th, the Korean Publishers Association published a press release announcing IPA’s support to Korean publishers on copyright policy as a bill sits before parliament.

IPA’s submission to the Korean National Assembly and Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism focuses on a bill tabled by a member of parliament to review the Korean copyright act. The bill, which is strongly opposed by other creative sectors as well, contains several problematic proposals that could negatively affect the publishing industry.

IPA’s submission calls on Korean lawmakers to enhance the understanding of the publishing industry, which business models are incompatible with a proposed overbroad extended collective licensing regime. The IPA strongly supports strengthening of Korean copyright law with regards to enforcement, proposing several concrete measures to tackle online infringement effectively. Our submission also provides substantive input on calibrating and narrowing exceptions applicable to education and text and data mining.

IPA fully supports our member, KPA, in pointing out the problems arising from a proposal for a contract adjustment provision, which is unnecessary and can cause unjustified legal and commercial uncertainty, generating barriers against investment. 

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