IPA’s member in India, the Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP), turns 50 this year and it celebrated with a two-day conference in New Delhi on 11-12 August, organized by IPA Executive Committee member, Pranav Gupta.

IPA President, Karine Pansa, sent a video message congratulating the FIP as a stalwart member of the IPA, and for its long history of supporting the international publishing community. Pansa and IPA Vice President Gvantsa Jobava both sent written messages, and former IPA President and current EC member YS Chi, sent a video message encouraging Indian publishers to work together to harness the benefits of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and guard against their down sides.

IPA Secretary General, José Borghino, attended the conference and delivered a presentation on the ‘Significance of Data’. Borghino spoke about global publishing markets and the wide disparity in the amounts, range and quality of the statistics that we have available about them. In some mature markets we have all the data we need over a number of years with a significant degree of granularity, whereas other markets are a total blank. 

Borghino’s panel was moderated by Nielsen BookData’s Vikrant Mathur who, in conjunction with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is undertaking a survey of IPA members and their markets in an effort to gather together all available market statistics and fill in some of those blank spots. 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent a message acknowledging the important role that the Indian publishing industry will play in the country’s future. And the Conference was notable in the number of speakers it attracted from senior ranks of government and the judiciary.

You can watch videos from the celebrations at the links below:

DAY 1:

Inauguration by Ms Smriti Zubin Irani - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=421rmXeEgNM 

Key Note Address by Shri Sunil Deodhar https://youtu.be/iVHWcH8m-NI?si=q1v_gU9xSV71Eu56 

Session 1 - https://youtu.be/4M0dI3DTq4Y?si=IROUjLPYrtZSYZX_ 

Session 2 - https://youtu.be/OGwo5ejWz3I?si=6V0LXnGYoCwHkZem 

Session 3 - https://youtu.be/kF5nnFfsP_Q?si=bNfej46A0cDr5Lee 

Session 4 - https://youtu.be/JQK4a8J6da4?si=E489FR28qxVviVnH 

Awards Night - https://youtu.be/IAcvQ5ac-wc?si=0UvGw25SjIi3JbYT 


Session 5 - https://youtu.be/6P1kQrvHyjk?si=NYLtInbJOznovrrS 

Session 6 - https://youtu.be/QSKNwH5BSfE?si=yrTXoy0pjKq7hydN 

Session 7 - https://youtu.be/vD8iLdpjbJw?si=WLFSpqXTxmMqeqyV 

Session 8 - https://youtu.be/pUYUClDqniw?si=ceUm8bKIsBswc38x 

Session 9 & Closing Ceremony  - https://youtu.be/2jXjdtJ-_Q0?si=FYs89TuU9eg5rEQB

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