The 7th IPA Copyright Symposium in Abu Dhabi will shift the attention of publishers worldwide to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). For two days more than 250 publishers and global experts will be discussing copyright policy issues.

Copyright policy issues have increasingly taken centre stage in the debates about the future of publishing. E-Books, Internet Piracy, the Google Book Settlement and the imminent launch of collecting societies in the Arab world are important shifts in the publishing industry. All are copyright issues that will be debated during the conference.

Says IPA President Herman P. Spruijt: “More than ever, the future of publishing is linked to the future copyright policy. Will E-Books provide new channels of distribution and create a great new Arab publishing market? On the Internet copying and distribution are fast and simple. Publishers in particular in the academic field have recognised the benefits of these new global networks and haves spearheaded digital innovation. Can copyright policies be adapted to protect publishers in this new environment? Can we turn the Internet, the place of greatest piracy and of great publishing innovation, into a safer, fairer and healthier digital marketplace? At the same time, how can we grow publishing in the Arab region and the UAE?”

“Publishing in the Middle East holds great promise. The Arab publishing industry could grow fourfold to fulfil their market potential. However, policy makers must get their copyright policies right to support their local publishing industries. We have come to Abu Dhabi to support our new member, the Emirati Publishers Association, and to witness the strong commitment of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates who in many ways are showing exemplary support for publishing in their country.”

“We are here to listen, to share and to learn”

“IPA looks forward to exciting debates that will boost insight into successful public policies that can support local publishing.”

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