International Publishers Association (IPA) Secretary General, José Borghino spoke today about the great innovations being delivered by publishers, especially in the education sector.

Speaking at an event at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva, José Borghino said, ‘Publishers today are at the cutting edge of intelligent innovation, embracing the opportunities and disruption that digital has brought, while at the same time not impulsively abandoning print just because, for some, it’s out of fashion. Like the authors they serve, publishers want their works to be universally accessible, globally available and readable across all platforms.’

Speaking after the event, José Borghino added, ‘A solid and certain framework of copyright law is the fundamental prerequisite that enables publishers to freely invest and re-invest in often risky, untried, innovative work. The last thing educational publishers need at the moment is a further broadening of exceptions and limitations.’

The IPA works closely with other Creative Sector Organisations and the WIPO member states to ensure that a productive and pragmatic balance is achieved between the demands of users and the legitimate needs for remuneration of creators and rightsholders.
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