Boken 2018

A new report on publishing in Sweden has shown interesting evolutions in the Swedish publishing market with a 1% decline in sales through traditional channels but a 4.2% increase when niche channels such as subscription audiobooks are included.

Other interesting figures in the study showed that:
• Physical bookstores saw their turnover fall by 4.5% while on-line stores and book clubs saw a 5% increase;
• Children’s and youth literature sales increased by 3.6%;
• The average retail price of books sold increased slightly in 2016 by 1%, from 123 to 125 SEK (an increase of around €0.25 or 0.25$).

Produced by The Swedish Booksellers Association and The Swedish Publishers Association, the study was written by Erik Wikberg, Professor of Economics at the University of Stockholm. Svenska Förläggareföreningen (Swedish Publishers Association) is a longtime Full Member of the IPA. You can read the study (in Swedish) here.

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