Event announcement Photo of Hugo Setzer and Trasvin Jitidecharak

IPA President, Hugo Setzer, talks to Trasvin Jittidecharak, Secretary General of the ASEAN Book Publishers Association, and founder of Silkworm Books in Thailand, about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected publishers in the region and what the future may hold.

Trasvin talks to Hugo about the extremely diverse nature of the 10-country ASEAN group and how different governmets have reacted to the pandemic, both in terms of lockdown measures and support for the publishing sector. She also shares tales of how publishers and their associations are responding and how the appetite for books crashed the website for the online fair in Thailand, and saw the virtual guests making jokes about being unable to find a parking space. 

The discussion closes on a positive note as Trasvin reveals how the crisis has bought the members of the ASEAN Book Publishers Association closer together.


You can read the transcript here.

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