In June 2016, the IPA made two significant international interventions, in Australia and Uruguay, to ensure the voice of publishers is heard as lawmakers try to make sense of proposals to change their national copyright laws.

In 1985, Professor Michael Fraser entered the complex world of copyright by accident. Having casually responded to a job ad in the Sydney Morning Herald (and having got the job as 'the only applicant wearing a tie'), the young Michael Fraser's career began with a three-week investigation into the growing problem of photocopying, for the Australian Copyright Council.

Canadian novelist and poet, John Degen, who is also the Executive Director of The Writers' Union of Canada, wrote a no-nonsense piece debunking the five lazy lies routinely deployed by "copyleftists". As we look ahead to a week when WIPO's copyright committee will meet to debate several issues with potentially highly significant impacts on world publishing, John kindly gave the IPA permission to reproduce his article, which he originally posted on his blog

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