Copyright law changes afoot in Japan and Ireland

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Ministries in both countries have recently published draft proposals looking at exceptions for text and data mining, among other things.

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EU clarifies copyright implications of Brexit

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The European Commission has published a notice to stakeholders outlining the international treaties that will govern the EU-UK relationship in terms of copyright post-Brexit.

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Blockchain and IP

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The latest edition of WIPO’s newsletter looks at the application of blockchain technology to IP rights. Could blockchain be used beyond crypto currencies?

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IPA President calls for scholarly publishing industry to unite at APE Congress 2018 opening

IPA President, Michiel Kolman, used the Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) Congress to shine a light on the divisions between academics, publishers and tech companies and to encourage them to resolve their differences and find ways to ensure continued sustainability in the future.

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Renegotiating the NAFTA agreement

In July of this year, the Trump Administration unveiled its goals in renegotiating the NAFTA agreement. In a detailed document, the USA government presented its objectives and the representatives of Canada, Mexico and USA started working on redefining their economic relationship. One of the most important elements of these negotiations, for publishers, will be the treatment of intellectual property.

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Summary of the WIPO SCCR 35

The November meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) was as intense as always. But the week-long meeting (3-7 November) carried extra significance for the IPA because of the large delegation we had organized to be here in Geneva.

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