At the latest hearing of the trial of Ragip and Deniz Zarakolu, which concluded on 7 June, no defendants was released.

IPA found widespread censorship in Nigeria, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. In submissions to the UN Human Rights Council, the IPA recommended ways to support the governments of these three countries to improve their records on freedom of expression.

Cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro ("Zapiro") has been named the recipient of this year's IPA Freedom to Publish Prize for his exemplary courage in upholding freedom to publish.

In its first report on the freedom to publish conditions in Vietnam, IPA concludes that the screening of books is a complex, opaque, at time irrational, and highly bureaucratic process that books and other written materials have to undergo prior to- and post- publication, and formulates an IPA Road Map for Freedom to Publish, making specific recommendations to the Vietnamese government to move towards greater freedom to publish in the country.

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