Emiro Aristizábal Álvarez and Adriana Ángel Forero holding signed copies of the SDG Publishers Compact accompanied by Hugo Setzer and Juan Miguel Diez

The Colombian Publishers Association, represented by its executive president, Emiro Aristizábal Álvarez, and the Bogotá International Book Fair, Filbo, represented by its director Adriana Ángel Forero, signed the SDG Publishers Compact, in which they commit to take action to accelerate the achievement of these goals by 2030.

BOP Award Logo

In its 11th edition, the prize is organized by Bologna Children’s Book Fair in partnership with AIE – the Italian Publishers Association and IPA – the International Publishers Association highlights the top children’s publishers of the year in each of the six geographical areas: Africa, Asia, Europe, Central and Latin America, North America, Oceania. 

A graphic with the Accessible Books Consortium (ABC) logo that reads "2022 International Excellence Award for Accessible Publishing".

Publishing house Kogan Page of the United Kingdom and Mr. Ashoka Bandula Weerawardhana of Sri Lanka are the winners of the 2022 ABC International Excellence Award for Accessible Publishing.

10th Turkish Publishing Assembly

The Turkish Publishing Assembly is held every two years since 2004 by the Turkish Publishers Association (TPA) in order to closely follow the developments in publishing, to discuss the problems of the sector with national and international stakeholders and to find solutions. 10th Turkish Publishing Assembly was held online on 15-16 June 2022 this year.

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