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Hugo Setzer and Li Pengyi in Beijing

IPA President Hugo Setzer attended the Beijing International Book Fair from 21-23 August holding several high-level meetings.

One of them was with the leadership of the Publishers Association of China, PAC. Hugo was received by President Liu Binjie and Vice-President and IPA EC member Li Pengyi, for a two-hour meeting followed by lunch. The discussions were very open and productive, where IPA and PAC had a dialog about Copyright and the Freedom to Publish and explored ways for a more active engagement of PAC in IPA’s activities, as well as to foster future cooperation.  

Hugo attended the 2019 International Publishers Forum, where he delivered one of the opening speeches and talked, among other things, about the importance of international cooperation and in that sense, the importance of PAC participating in IPA activities as a member of the international publishing community. He also said that “We need to work harder at explaining… why strong copyright is essential for publishers to continue contributing to local economies…” and that “The freedom of expression and the freedom to publish are absolutely essential to a strong and participating society in the knowledge economy we are living in.” You can read the complete speech here.

He also attended the 2019 International Symposium on Printing and Publishing Culture, where he delivered one of the opening speeches.

Other important meetings were with the Copyright Society of China, an entity in charge of promoting and protecting copyright in China. The President of the CSC, Mr. Yan Xiaohong, showed much interest in IPA’s activities in favour of copyright and the possibility of cooperating with IPA and the PAC in strengthening copyright in China. There was also a fruitful meeting with the International Publishers Copyright Protection Coalition in China.

As part of Hugo’s trip he visited the headquarters of the leading bookstore chain in China, Xinhua Bookstore. Xinhua is part of the China Publishing Group and operates 12,000 bookstores all over China. Besides the physical stores they have also developed an on-line business, are the main suppliers of textbooks in China and are in the process of installing self-service modules, where users are able to borrow or buy books by means of a face recognition system.  

Hugo also visited the People’s Education Press, which is China’s largest educational publisher, with a market share of about 70%. Interestingly, China started a single textbook policy in the 1950’s, when the illiteracy rate was of about 90%, but abandoned it in the 1980’s in favour of a competition-based model, where education authorities can choose from a variety of textbooks produced by different publishers. Mr. Yu Chunchi, Deputy Board Chairman of the China Education Publishing and Media Group, is on the speakers list (tbc) for this year’s open Educational Publishers Forum in Frankfurt, to talk about the Chinese educational market.  

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Michiel Kolman
20 May 2020
Publishing industry
Educational Publishing
Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion in the publishing industry is not only relevant for the workforce in our industry (see my previous blog on key surveys measuring exactly that), but also for what we publish. Important questions that arise are ...
Michiel Kolman
24 April 2020
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Diversity and Inclusion
It has been impressive to see how fast our industry has responded to the challenges presented by COVID-19. While many publishers are busy trying to keep their businesses running, it would be easy to dismiss diversity and inclusion (D&I) as just a...
Ben Steward
23 April 2020
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Two weeks into the COVID-19 (née coronavirus) pandemic and its attendant doldrums, I noticed some A-list singers were performing via Instagram from the discomfort of their homes. Chris Martin and John Legend were among the first to sign up to the&nbs...
Michiel Kolman
31 March 2020
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Close scrutiny showed a more complex but also more positive answer for both the UK and US.

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30 January 2020
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Michiel Kolman
18 December 2019
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IPA D&I envoy, Michiel Kolman interviews Elsevier’s Simon Holt and Springer Nature’s Kirsty Bone about their experiences of having a disability and working in the publishing industry. This is a long but fascinating read.

Hugo Setzer
07 November 2019
Publishing industry

October and the first days of November were again very busy, with visits to four different countries and three book fairs in the course of three weeks.

James Taylor
25 October 2019
Publishing industry

SCCR 39 concluded this evening with an agreement found on how to keep the Exceptions and Limitations discussion moving forward and the other agenda items wrapped up and a possible new issue raised in the chamber.

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