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32nd: New Delhi, 2018

31st: London, 2016

30th: Bangkok, 2015

29th: Cape Town, 2012

28th: Seoul, 2008

27th: Berlin, 2004

26th: Buenos Aires, 2000

25th: Barcelona, 1996

24th: New Delhi, 1992

23rd: London, 1988

22nd: Mexico City, 1984

21st: Stockholm, 1980

20th: Kyoto/Tokyo, 1976

19th: Paris, 1972

18th: Amsterdam, 1968

17th: Washington, 1965

16th: Barcelona, 1962

15th: Vienna, 1959

14th: Florence, 1956

13th: Zurich, 1954

12th: Leipzig, 1938

11th: London, 1936

10th: Brussels, 1933

9th: Paris, 1931

8th: Budapest, 1913

7th: Amsterdam, 1910

6th: Madrid, 1908

5th: Milan, 1906

4th: Leipzig, 1901

3rd: London, 1899

2nd: Brussels, 1897

1st: Paris, 1896


James Taylor
17 March 2023
Publishing industry

The chair opened the last day of SCCR43 noting the sense of excitement in the room and the ‘spicy’ discussions around exceptions and limitations. 

James Taylor
16 March 2023
Publishing industry

Education and research was the opening topic for discussion on day 4 of SCCR 43 with a Presentation on cross-border issues concerning education and research.

James Taylor
15 March 2023
Publishing industry

Day 3 of the SCCR was dedicated to the discussion around exceptions and limitations focusing mainly on the preservation toolkit.

James Taylor
14 March 2023
Publishing industry
Educational Publishing

Day 2 picked up from where day 1 left off with Member States asking questions of the facilitators of the Second Revised Draft Text for the WIPO Broadcasting Organizations Treaty.

James Taylor
13 March 2023
Publishing industry
Hot on the heels of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, a different kind of gathering for IPA - the 43rd sitting of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO’s) Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) in a fine, but cl...
Ana María Cabanellas
27 February 2023
Book policy
Publishing industry
Educational Publishing

IPA past President, Ana María Cabanellas, shares her first post for the IPA's literacy working group within the Inclusive Publishing and Literacy Committee.

Karine Pansa
03 February 2023
Freedom to publish
Publishing industry

Two years ago, on this sad day, our publishing colleague, Lebanese publisher, Lokman Slim was assassinated. Lokman co-founded Dar Al-Jadeed publishing house in Lebanon with his sister, Rasha Al Ameer.

Karine Pansa
24 January 2023
Book policy
Publishing industry
Educational Publishing
Educational Publishing
The theme for UNESCO’s 2023 International Day of Education is ‘to invest in people, prioritize education’. I know what UNESCO Is getting at, but I would argue that their statement could easily be turned around: ‘in order to prioritize education we ne...

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