IPA’s Educational Publisher Forum is the only global forum that brings together professional educational publishers from around the world to explore how we can provide the learning resources that teachers need to best implement local curricula. We stand for choice, local solutions and collaboration.

The Forum holds three to four meetings each year with delegates and guest speakers at rotating venues as well as an annual open meeting at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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IPA Educational Publishers Forum - Building Smarter Generations (also available with Arabic subtitles here and Spanish subtitles here)

Educational Publishers: Building smarter generations 

Education helps all students to reach their potential, gain the skills needed to face challenges and think critically as productive members of society. As educational publishers, our mission is to provide the learning resources that teachers need to best implement curricula, in ways that will lead to better learning outcomes. We believe in three core principles to achieve this goal:

  1. Choice
  2. Local solutions
  3. Collaboration

 To do this, publishers need:

IPA EPF brochure cover
  • The marketplace to be open, competitive, and feature a range of publishers’ products and services;
  • Copyright to be respected and strengthened to ensure the continual development of specialized, high-quality content;
  • Sustainable business environments and respect for the freedom to publish. 

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