Association Read (In Norwegian: Foreningen !les)

Association Read is a non-profit membership organization established in 1997. Today, the association has 40 membership organization from all parts of the Norwegian book industry. Association Read is funded by the membership organizations as well as the National Library and the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.

Our goal is to promote reading and create readers among children and youth. Through our work, we annually reach 300 000 children and youth and approximately 10 000 teachers and librarians. Our work is carried out in large parts in schools, however we do work in other arenas as well.

Association Read provides three different literature prizes: Ungdommens kritikerpris (The Young Critics Award), Uprisen (The Norwegian Youth Literature Award) og Bokslukerprisen (The Avid Reader Award), anthologies aimed at several different target groups, a non-fiction magazine called Faktafyk, a project transforming old iconic telephone booths into mini-libriaries for book sharing, and a pilot called Bookstart. All our reading campaigns are free and available nationally.

In 2017, Association Read was awarded the Norwegian book industry’s special price, called Gullegget (The Golden Egg). In 2018, the association was nominated for Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award (ALMA), the world’s largest children’s literature award, for the fourth year in a row.

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The projects

The Avid Reader Award (“Bokslukerprisen”)

The Avid Reader Award (“Bokslukerprisen”) is a reading incentive award for 5th-7th grade students, focusing on the joy of reading. 127 000 students from all over Norway participate in this award.

The first award ceremony was arranged in 2014. The participating classes receive anthologies of Norwegian novels written for the age group 10–12. Students read and vote for the best excerpts.

The top five excerpts constitute the nominees for the award. Five jury classes from across the country are assigned to read the nominated excerpts and to select a winner.

During the reading period, jury classes are visited by a motivational speaker, who gives the students guidance on how they can become critical readers and how they can justify their opinions.

The award ceremony for The Avid Reader Award takes place on World Book Day in April.

The award’s own website will provide more information, news, digital text excerpts, audio files, a teacher’s guide, competitions and bonus material.

The tXt Campaign (“tXt-aksjonen”)

The tXt Campaign (“tXt-aksjonen”) is the oldest and most extensive reading incentive for middle school students in Norway.

The campaign was established in 1997, and has become a central part of student encounter with Norwegian and translated contemporary literature.

Every year over 120,000 students participate, and they receive an anthology of excerpts from a variety of literary genres.

The goal is to motivate the students to pick up the whole book the excerpts is collected from.

The campaign’s own website will provide more information, news, digital text excerpts, audio files, a teacher’s guide, competitions and bonus material as long as the campaign is running.

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