We're committed to helping families share quality time through reading. We make it happen through our memberships bringing down the 3 biggest barriers to reading: Access, Cost & Selection.

With their Memberships, families receive on their doorstep 8 amazing books for their children 0-12 years old, and exchange them on a monthly basis. This way:

  1. Parents don't have to search & choose; our platform selects the books for every child.
  2. Users save around 80% of the total cost of buying those books.
  3. Families read together more than 96 books per year.

Thus far, we've lent over 70 thousand books across Mexico. As of September 2021, we're opening our service globally through local franchises. We're inviting people around the world to partner with us so they can use our platform and know-how to reach and impact millions of families with our service.

We believe that the book industry will evolve into the reading industry. It's not just about selling books, but reading them!


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The projects

Global Franchises

TWhat if children's books didn't have to stay on a bookshelf forever (99% of time) but instead, could be shared between families? What if you could have the technology to administer, operate and sell memberships of Little Bookmates within your community?

After 5 years of lending over 70 thousand books across the country, Little Bookmates empowers those who want to share the love of reading in their neighborhoods with its tech and know-how.

Further more than the social impact of the project, franchises turn out to be a fantastic business opportunity for those who wish to have their own in-house project, benefiting particularly mothers.

International Development Bank's Safety Childhood Programme

Covid-19's pandemic gave way to uncountable issues. In Mexico, one of the topmost was the vulnerability in which the health crisis left millions of kids.

Little Bookmates partnered with the IDB and other institutions to support those left in need with heartwarming stories to accompany them and their families through the tough times donating over 4,500 amazing books.

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