The IPA has welcomed a progressive new law announced in the United Arab Emirates on Monday (31 October) that exempts reading materials from VAT and entitles employees to read during working hours.


The International Publishers Association (IPA) and Federation of European Publishers (FEP) Annual Global Report on VAT on Books 2016 was released today during the IPA’s General Assembly, which takes place every October during Frankfurt Book Fair.


Kenyan lawmakers will this week decide whether to scrap the 16% VAT rate imposed on books in the country, three years after the disastrous levy was introduced.


After 1 April 2017 (not an April Fools’ joke), the overall Japanese Consumption Tax rate in will rise to 10%. The plan is to maintain the consumption tax on food and home delivery of newspapers at 8%, while books, magazines and newspapers purchased at newsstands and their e-versions will be taxed at 10%. The Japanese Government is currently investigating the possibility of applying the reduced tax rate for books and magazines.

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A new IPA/FEP report reveals a world of difference between national approaches to taxation of books and e-books.

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The European Court of Justice ruling that e-books don't qualify for lower rates of value-added tax (VAT) will have severe consequences for the book trade. We spoke to Vincent Montagne, President of Syndicat national de l'édition (the French publishers association) about the issue.

For the fourth consecutive year, the IPA and PricewaterhouseCoopers have carried out a global survey on the application of VAT on printed books and e-books.

On 2nd December, Turkey's government introduced a law bringing VAT on e-books into line with print.


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